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Event Details

The Race: 100-mile Duathlon Relay



78-mile cycling road circuit, track to track to track


3-7 unique cyclists per team


Each cyclists must ride at least one 10-mile leg,
but no more than 20 miles at once

Cycling segments:
1. TU
to IWU (12.4 mi)
2. IWU to AU (31.6)

3. AU to TU (32.7)


22 miles running (5 miles on each track + 7-mile finishing segment at Taylor)

4-8 unique runners per team


At each university track, 2 runners must run at least 2 miles at each site

Running segments:

2-3 runners at each of the first three venues (5-miles segments),
then use your runners as desired
for the final 7 mile segment!

The entry fee for each participating team is $5,000. Athletes may self-sponsor or raise funds from others - all donations are tax-deductible. Please see the Donation page for more details and information.

Teams breaking a total time of 6 hours will receive $150 in Ivanhoes gift cards, and the winning team will receive the traveling RSA trophy.

Where and when is it?

The inaugural RSA will be Saturday, June 10th. The event will start and finish at the Taylor University Glass Track & Field Complex. Teams are encouraged to gather together at this location prior to the start of the event, and stay for post-event activities following. The estimated time of the event is between 6-8 hours, and the start time is to be announced.

How do I sign up to participate?

We are excited you want to join us! Just fill out the contact form below, letting us know you would like to participate. We'll be in touch soon! 

When did this event originate?

In 2013 the Brickyard to Bridge (B2B) began and each year since we have cycled 500 miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Mackinac Bridge in northern Michigan (with 2021 being a different five day ride through the Rocky Mountains!). After 10 years of the B2B, our fundraising event is evolving to a team duathlon relay to encourage more participation, camaraderie, and fundraising for YFCI.

What is provided?

There will be some food & drinks provided at the host site, although teams and individuals will be expected to support themselves with the appropriate nourishment and equipment support throughout the event. Teams are strongly encouraged to have multiple team support vehicles to be available to follow their team throughout the event. Please contact us with any questions.

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