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Religious freedom is a luxury. 

For Christians in hundreds of places around the world, persecution is routine—a regular part of everyday. Missionaries in these places are called to delicate and challenging work, as overwhelming need is paired with limited opportunity. For free believers, it's often difficult to find ways to support more covert mission work inside these repressed countries.


Youth for Christ International (YFCI) works with local people all over the world to bring Christ's message of salvation to places that might otherwise never hear. B2B has partnered specifically with YFCI's work in a South Asian country to bless and love those living under persecution, and aid in the spread of the good news.

Sadly, we can't disclose the specific South Asian country, or name those who bravely run the ministry, as doing so jeopardizes their safety and their ministry. However, funds go specifically toward YFCI's summer leadership camps, resourcing homeless children living in the streets, providing food and clothing, teaching the homeless and orphaned who lack education or job skills, developing drug rehab centers and orphanages—and much more.

There are over 4.6 million young lives around the world reached by Youth for Christ each year. Missionaries in this specific South Asian country depend largely on annual funding from the B2B to provide necessary resources for continued work.


Whether you join for the Brickyard 123, the full B2B, or are able to donate to a specific cyclist's efforts, be confident you are making a significant impact on the lives of children and young adults on the other side of the world.


This is our mission. We would love to talk in person if you have further questions. For more information and to read FAQ's, visit our contact page.